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South Jersey Food Box – Supporting Small Businesses

Enjoy for yourself or send a taste of delicious treats from South Jersey while supporting small businesses in the area.

A South Jersey Tasting Journey Food Box

$56.00 (free shipping)

Enjoy your tasting journey as you dive into this scrumptious box filled with South Jersey treats! Included is New Jersey’s own saltwater taffy, a variety of soft taffy originally produced in Atlantic City, NJ in the 1880s – made by James Candy Company.

Relish in a little taste of heritage with Fennome Apricot Hungarian Pastry from Heirzoom Bakery, created with love from a family recipe and produced in Bridgeton, NJ. Dive into the appetizing and bold flavor of Cranberry Blossom honey from a family-owned collection of beehives in Burlington, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties called Birds and Bees Farm, founded in 2007. Honey is extracted in Columbus, NJ, and is always raw and unpasteurized. Included in your box are salted caramel hand-dipped chocolate-covered pretzels, a flavor combination dream come true.

These delicious pretzels are among diverse sweets made by The Candy Jar by 1892 Chocolates, a family-run business with shops in Collingswood and Bordentown, NJ.

Next up is the sweet and tangy dark balsamic aromatic, thick, aged vinegar, made with naturally infused flavor of blueberry, from Tales of the Olive, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, located in Hammonton, NJ. While this delicious vinegar is professionally certified from Modena, Italy, the blueberry flavor inspiration stems from South Jersey, where 80% of NJ’s blueberries come from Atlantic County’s 56 blueberry farmers. Enjoy Iron Works House Dark Roast beans from Evermore Coffee Roasters, a small batch roastery located in historic Burlington, NJ. They have a commitment to quality and precision with their roasting process and brews.

A South Jersey Tasting Journey Box Contents

A custom mix of products in the box is also an option. Please call 609-721-5164 to make arrangements. Tour box items are based on availability and may be subject to change. Please order at least one week prior to the shipping date.

  • 8 ounces of Salt Water Taffy from James Candy Company
  • 2.40 ounces of baked pastry from Heirzoom Bakery, Fennome Apricot Hungarian Pastry
  • (2) salted caramel hand-dipped chocolate pretzels from The Candy Jar by 1892 Chocolates
  • 3.00 ounces of cranberry bush pollinated raw honey from Birds & Bees Farm
  • (2) 2.00 ounce bottles of blueberry vinegar from Tales of the Olive LLC
  • 10 ounces of Iron Works House Dark Roast coffee beans from Evermore Coffee Roasters. Coffee beans are sold for freshness. Please indicate in your order if beans must be ground.
  • Included is a $20 gift certificate for a group of four people on a walking food tour from On the Town Food Tours LLC.
  • An optional 30 minute product tasting session and discussion of all contents in the box with On the Town Food Tours owner.
  • Handwritten custom note will be sent to the recipient.

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