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About Us

On The Town Food Tours has more than twenty five years of experience in the food industry.  In the last ten years, we have tracked food and flavor trends for leading food manufacturers and consumers.

In order to stay on top of the trends, you have to go out and exploreThis passion in food has driven us to provide private food tours for friends and family.  We had so much fun eating and exploring, we decided to start this company and share our food experience and knowledge with a larger audience.

On The Town Food Tours is a company that will provide people with fun and delicious educational food experiences in neighborhoods that have some of the best restaurants and bakeries in the state of New Jersey. We are excited to provide a service that will allow people to explore the diversity of food, learn about the hottest food trends and discover neighborhood culture and history. 
People are exposed to so much in the food world through television programs, movies, food trucks, food bloggers, and so on.  The American palate is more sophisticated today than ever before.  People are searching for new food experiences, and food tours are a wonderful way to sample some of the tastiest food created by talented chefs and bakers in our area.

Join us for one or more of the food tours made available to you, family and friends, and get started on your tasting journey!

What is a food tour?  A food tour is where people gather to be a part of a tasting experience.  It provides an opportunity for people to sample sweet and savory food items from multiple restaurant and bakery stops along a walking route.  A tour can take a few hours or it can last several hours.   It’s also a place to meet people and share food experiences with like-minded folks.  To sum it up, there’s a meeting location, introductions, sampling of food along a walking route, reminiscing about the fun just had and the tour ends.

"Food is one of the major symbols of the new togetherness in society." 
-Lidewij Edelkoort

Tour Testimonials

Tour Date: Sunday, May 6, 2019 (Haddonfield Food Tour)

What a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon! Participated in the “On The Town Food Tours” Haddonfield adventure. With a little bit of history and lots of cuisine, I learned a lot about an area that I thought I already knew. Started out at Leaf, a vegan restaurant. Yummy brussel sprouts along with interesting tacos and buffalo cauliflower. Very tasty!!! Then off to beautifully decorated Sanook Thai Cuisine for a unique creamy coconut inspired chicken soup and a cucumber salad. Stops were also made at Duffy’s Fine Chocolates, a chocoholic’s delight and Sweet Charlie’s for rolled ice cream. So interesting to watch all the preparation that went into each ice cream creation. A trip to The British Chip Shop for some good comfort food on this very wet day. We had Cottage Pie as opposed to Shepherd’s Pie and learned the difference between the two. Delicious and so bubbly warm. One interesting stop was to a Cigar Shop/Club owned by Mitch Gorshin - Frank Gorshin’s son (the Joker from Batman). A man that truly loves hospitality, conversation and the company of good friends. Oh and a very homey environment to socialize and enjoy these comforts. Thanks Audrey for a great foody event. (PS – I’m stuffed!!!)

Tour Date: Sunday, March 24, 2019 (Collingswood Food Tour)

I always enjoy food tours and this one, partially due to the owner/guide, Audrey, really shines. The choices for lunch/tastings were diverse and each was delicious. What makes this tour a bit more special is the non-lunch stops -- a coffee shop and an olive oil shop both with extraordinary owners. Also there was a bakery stop, Dulce, which was worth the whole price of the tour. Its owner/baker is one of the most personable and interesting bakers ever who took the time to talk in detail about his endeavor. The sample croissant dulce de leche was devoured by the group, all of whom declared it the most delicious baked product, and he made it special just for the tour! Collingswood is a great little town and the walk with Audrey's commentary was an excellent experience. I think next time I will organize the walk with about 10 friends.

Tour Date: Sunday, October 21, 2018 (Collingswood Food Tour)

Great food, interesting history, very exciting.  A good time.  Guide was informed and interesting.  Very enjoyable.  Everything was very tasty.   Favorite Experiences:  Circles Thai Restaurant and Indiya Restaurant;  Trying different types of foods. 

Tour Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018 (Bordentown Food Tour)

Favorite Experience:  Marcello’s Fig Pizza – delicious, something I never would have ordered;  Vincent’s Homemade Ice Cream’s chocolate cherry ice cream!  Trying foods that I would not regularly order;  The inclusion of a bit of town history made it interesting;  The whole tour was my favorite experience;  The history was my favorite.   Thank you very much for this experience.  Definitely didn’t leave here hungry.  Our guide made the tour special.  She is knowledgeable about the area and has a keen sense of its history.  Exceeded my expectations.  Pleasant experience, delightful.  Thank you!! 

Tour Date: Saturday, August 08, 2018 (Haddonfield Food Tour)

Favorite Experience:  British Chip Shop, history of the town; The history and the variety of food; Sanook Thai Cuisine was my favorite.   A very enjoyable experience.  The food and tour stops were excellent!  It was great!  Look forward to another tour.