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Discover the Culinary Heritage of Ducktown

Ducktown is a lively area in Atlantic City, known for its rich Italian immigrant history from the 20th century. Even though the neighborhood has changed over time, it still has its unique cultural feel and is home to some of the city’s oldest and most famous restaurants. The Atlantic City Food Tours are a great way to learn about this history while enjoying the different flavors the neighborhood has to offer.

Atlantic City Food Tours Itinerary

  1. Italian Comfort Food Tradition: The first stop on the tour is Angelo’s Fairmont Tavern, a family-owned restaurant serving tasty Italian comfort food since 1935. Run by three generations of the same family, Angelo’s provides a nostalgic dining experience where you can enjoy traditional dishes that have been around for years.
  2. An Atlantic City Icon: Next, we visit White House Sub Shop, a beloved spot known for its Italian subs. Open for more than 70 years, White House consistently gets praise for its quality sandwiches. Here, you’ll taste history in every bite of their signature subs.
  3. A Seafood Lover’s Dream: The tour continues at Barbera Seafood Market, a well-known place in Atlantic City since 1919. Here, you can enjoy a tasty fish taco with a special house sauce. The market’s fresh seafood has made it a favorite for seafood lovers over the years.
  4. A Sweet Treat on the Boardwalk: No Atlantic City Food Tour would be complete without a stop at Steel’s Fudge, which has been serving visitors since 1919. Located on the historic boardwalk, the shop offers a variety of sweet treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth.
  5. A Touch of Art: Before your food journey begins, the tour includes a stop at The Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University. This cultural hub of Atlantic City’s Arts District aims to educate, support new artists, and enrich the community. The visit gives you a full experience that is both informative and delicious.

Join Our Atlantic City Food Tours Today!

Contact us now to book the Atlantic City Food Tours and discover the rich history and exciting restaurants and eateries food scene of Ducktown. From classic Italian restaurants to seafood favorites and sweet treats, this tour offers a memorable taste of Atlantic City’s diverse food culture.


Atlantic City – Ducktown District Tour Calendar


Some of the Tasting Highlights

Vendor samples and locations are subject to change.
Accommodations for dietary restrictions are not available on the Atlantic City Tour.

Come Join Us for an Adventure

Learn about food trends and gain historical insight on the town!

What Is Not Included? Additional beverages outside of the provided water in the tour are not included.
Cost: $80.00 per person
When: Saturdays 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM

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Atlantic City FAQs

The average length of time at each location is between 20-30 minutes.

There are times that the selected restaurant on a tour may have a scheduled private party and the restaurant will be closed to the public.  In this case, we’ll select another restaurant to take its place on the tour. 

Yes, we do offer private tours. Please fill out the private tours page on the website and submit.

Yes, On the Town Food Tour gift cards are currently available. Purchases can be made on-line for each of the tours.

A tour will accommodate up to twelve people.

You will spend about twenty minutes at each location. It is important that we stay on schedule since there are multiple locations to visit on the tour. If there is not enough time to purchase something, you can always come back to a location after the tour ends.

Yes, all tours are only offered in English.

Gratuities are not included in the price of the ticket. If you enjoyed the tour, tipping your guide is acceptable, optional, and always appreciated.

There is street parking available but it can be limited. Parking details for each tour will be provided when you purchase tickets.

The location at the start of the tour will be provided during the time of purchasing your ticket. The end of the tour will be within a quarter of a mile from the starting point.

Not all of the establishments are wheelchair accessible; however tours can be modified to accommodate guests who use wheelchairs. If there is enough room in the establishments, strollers will be allowed access. If not, strollers must be kept outside.

Yes! This tour gives you the opportunity to visit restaurants that you may have not visited before. It also provides you the chance to taste food that you may have not tasted in a favorite restaurant. In addition, you’ll meet the chefs and owners, and ask questions about the food and establishment. This tour also gives you the chance to bring guests who may have not experienced the great food in town.

Unfortunately, there are no wait lists for any of the tours.

There are times where we do a combination of both but in most cases we are seated in the restaurants.

Periodic discounts are offered, discounts are advertised on our Facebook page at

Yes, there will be bathrooms along the tasting route within several locations.

Children are welcome on the tour. Please remember that there is a lot of walking, standing, and listening involved. There is quite a bit of information provided about the food. Consider if your child would enjoy this tour and whether it would be appropriate for your child. Children participating in the food tastings must have a full-priced ticket regardless of age.

Water will be provided at the tastings. You are welcome to purchase other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages throughout the tour.

We will visit at least five establishments.  We know being full is different for everyone, but you will leave our tours feeling full.  You may need to cancel those dinner reservations.

Accommodations for dietary restrictions are not available on the Atlantic City Tour.

Since there will be lots of walking and standing, comfortable shoes are recommended. Bring layers of clothing should the outdoor temperature fluctuate. You are welcome to bring a camera to capture fun moments. We encourage you to post your favorite photos to our Facebook and Twitter accounts and use hashtag #OnTheTownFoodTours. Video cameras are not allowed.

Tours are non-refundable. Tours will take place rain or shine. Should there be inclement weather (e.g., thunderstorm, heavy snow, hurricane) then a tour may be canceled. You will be notified in advance of the cancellation and will be given the opportunity to reschedule for another date or receive a refund.

Yes, advance purchase is required and tours may sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance. Tickets can be purchased with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

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